“a hip-hop album which is both unclassifiable and fascinating”

Tsugi Magazine #65, September 2013


“Swordplay and Pierre the Motionless take up the challenge of making a powerful album from which emanates some kind of insolent harmony”




In a parallel universe where Anticon rappers from the turn of the century became the hallmark for following generations of Hip-Hop, Swordplay & Pierre the Motionless’ Tap Water would have already gone gold, perhaps even platinum.”

Beats 02 b&w

“one of the more interesting albums this year”


“Tap Water is one of the huge successes of this year and no Alt Rap fan should miss this, unless they want to be exposed to the risk of being eaten up by remorse”


“Surely one of the great beautiful moments of this first half of 2013”

logo freezeec NB

“Tap water is simply the state of the art in indie hip-hop”