Pretending to be hip-hop for more than five years now, Pierre the Motionless is actually just some French guy named Pierre De Brouwer making beats that even your 50 year-old embittered aunt would like.

The success of his beats owes as much to their high melody content than to the network that Pierre builds organizing shows and producing instrumentals for worldwide artists.

In 2007, he founded the Motionless collective with which they rearranged his compositions in a band version (keys / trumpet / dj / machines / rap). The group released The Inertia of an Accent at Rest in 2009, a full length album on which they welcomed a large palette of guests from the American Alt Rap scene.

Pierre went on to produce on his own for other artists, which is how he began to collaborate with American emcee Swordplay, leading to the release of their album Tap Water five years later. Specialised media unanimously recognize the album, as demonstrated by its presence in a dozen 2013 top albums lists in Europe and elsewhere.

It is this same record that marks the encounter with Francis Esteves, label manager at Dora Dorovitch records, which released the album on vinyl. Realizing that the two share a similar will to really push the Alternative Hip Hop scene in France, Francis has brought Pierre into join Dora Dorovitch as a label co-manager, just a few months after the release of Tap Water.

Pierre the Motionless can be summed up with just a few key statistics: a presence on more than 20 records, shows on 3 continents, 1 label, 1 network, and 2 or 3 hairs lost daily.


A small sample of the places Pierre the motionless has played

mö.e. vienna, austria
windows. brussels, belgium
fatal. praha, czech republic
le batofar. paris, france
le lieu unique. nantes, france
le périscope. lyon, france
l’ouvre boîte. beauvais, france
zoro. leipzig, germany
103 club. berlin, germany
exhaust. trier, germany
oetinger villa. darmstadt, germany
willemeen. arnhem, netherlands
parkhof. alkmaar, netherlands
trelbhaus. luzern, switzerland
kaaf. frauenfeld, switzerland
boa. luzern, switzerland

North America
call the office. london (on), canada
glue pot. ottawa (on), canada
the silver dollar. toronto (on), canada
wally’s tavern. guelph (on), canada
vinyl lounge. montreal (qc), canada
tj arte y rock cafe. tijuana, mexico
space gallery. portland (me), usa
the mojos. richmond (va), usa
the hidden house. phoenix (az), usa
hard hat. las vegas (nv), usa
reuben’s cantina. reno (nv), usa
kings records. fresno (ca), usa
kava lounge. san diego (ca), usa
johnny v’s. san jose (ca), usa
kaos network. los angeles (ca), usa
honey hive gallery. san francisco (ca), usa

institut français. meknes, morroco



A few of the musicians Pierre the motionless has shared the stage with
buck 65 (warner, anticon…)
eric truffaz (blue note)
astronautalis (fake four inc)
2mex (the visionaries, project blowed)
qwel and maker (galapagos4)
a band of buriers (decorative stamp)

Some of the musicians Pierre the motionless has toured with
ancient mith (subversiv, ponowai flora, anette…)
thesis sahib (grimm image, clothes horse records)
james p honey of “a band of buriers” (decorative stamp)
james reindeer (decorative stamp)
funken (platinum records)
babelfishh (subversiv, mism, knertz…)
soso (clothes horse records, endemik)
moshe (milled pavement)
brzowski (milled pavement)